Poker Match Bonuses For 2018

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Choosing An Online Poker Site To Play At

Well, we got it everything covered for you. We have a long list of poker site review that you can start reading now. Each review written for a poker site criticize on the sign up bonus, the software used, traffic, modes of deposit, and lastly online support if any. The reviews are unbiased and written with all honesty to give readers and visitors enough information about a poker website.

Criteria Used To Pick A Poker Site

Each person is unique, and what you deemed best may not be the same as other people perceived it to be. Thus, it is very important to note what are the site's pros and cons. This will give you a clear view of what to expect with the site and if it's worth visiting for. Here are the criteria when choosing the best poker site:


It is important to note that this is the number one factor to consider. This would be very necessary if you play and use real money. Most of the available poker rooms online are secured and safe to play. However, there are some incidents which some poker sites will take forever in order to withdraw your winnings and even giving out bonuses to players take some time too. Remember, in online poker you do not know who you are dealing with. Even the face of the dealer will never appear on the computer screen. Thus, trust plays an important factor here. You need to be very cautious and choose a poker room that has been in the industry for quite some time and has an established reputation already. To make your search quite easier, we have already listed poker sites that are trustworthy and are worth visiting for.

Deposit Bonus

Every online poker site offer something in the way of a poker deposit bonus. This would be great for players who want to start building up their bankrolls and earn extra money to spend. Each site does give out real money as a bonus when you signed up plus when you deposit money. Most sites will give out bonuses to match your first time deposit. What differs from one poker site to another is the percentage of the deposit bonus. Some do offer at least 100% poker match bonus. For every $1 deposit, they will give out $1 as a bonus. If you are a newbie or a low stakes player, look for poker sites that will release bonuses as quickly as possible. For high stakes player, choose a poker site that give out the highest bonus amount.


There are only two categories when it comes to poker site's player traffic:

1. low traffic, easy to compete
2. high traffic, difficult to compete

When it comes to the term "traffic", this does not pertain to the number of players playing at a certain time. This refers to the number of tables that you can choose from. For low-medium stakes, you will choose tables between a dozen or more. For high stakes, there are high traffic poker sites that do offer hundreds of poker tables in each level. There is only small number of fishy players available here.

Speed Of Software

The faster the software of a poker site is the better. Why? This will lead to a higher hourly rate. Thus, this will give you more hands to see on a per hour basis. But if the site has slow software, if you're on the verge of winning this will leave you at an hourly rate that is quite low of which not what you are looking for. The faster hands are quickly processed by the software the better it is for you.


Incentives are online poker sites' way of rewarding loyal players. What usually happens is that sites do have a certain program that will give out points to frequent players. It comes in the form of points that will have a correspond benefit. Benefits can be in the form of free items, free cash, or free tournaments. As you play more and increased your level, incentives do differ and more exciting benefits are given away to loyal players.

So What's The Verdict?

Well, the decision is all up to you. With the given criteria above it will be much easier for you to determine which the best poker site is. Here at, we are giving free information to help you decide which poker site to visit and play, strategies and other related poker stuff. So, when you got time, visit us any time at your own convenience. Nothing beats getting free information online, only at!